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St. Petersburg, Russia
Tours and Excursions

How to move around St. Petersburg, Russia

On foot

If you stay in the heart of the city, many of the landmarks are located with the walking distance. You can plan a route and enjoy the city centre, Nevsky prospect and its surroundings. But don't forget that weather in St. Petersburg is very unpredictable, it may rain sometimes.


By subway (metro)

Most often St. Petersburg subway is the fastest and easiest way to get somewhere you need. Besides that, many stations look like museums, they are decorated with marble, rock crystal, guilded elements, mosaics, chandeliers which might adorn the palaces. St. Petersburg But there are just 4 subway branches in the city so sometimes after getting out of a subway station you need to take another transport or walk on foot for a while. Also, be aware to take a subway during the morning and evening rush hours as metro is the most popular type of transportation among the locals, so imagine how much overcroweded it is. 


By bus, trolleybus, tram

The slowest type of transport, it's often overcroweded in the rush hours. 

By fixed route minibus

The most popular type of transport after the metro. Much faster than a bus or trolleybus, it costs just about 5 rubles more.  


By taxi 

There aren't meters in St. Petersburg taxis, all the rates are fixed. You can take a taxi on the spot at the airport or at the train station or prebook it by telephone. An advanced reservation will cause much lower price. One of the best known taxi companies is 'Six millions' +007 812 600 00 00. 

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