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St. Petersburg, Russia
Tours and Excursions

Where to eat in St. Petersburg, Russia

As in any other touristic place, there is a great number of restaurants in St. Petersburg, especially on Nevsky prospect and its vicinity. No wonder the quality of these restaurants differ a lot. To tell the truth, it is difficult to find a place worth of visit on Nevsky prospect itself. Coffee houses, inferior bistrots, trite Japanese restaurants.. It is better to step aside and find a nice and cozy restaurant nearby.

Restaurants of many cuisines can be found in St. Petersburg city centre: very popular among the locals Italian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants, more rare Thai and Indien.. Ukranian and Caucassian restaurants often serve very good meal. 
Most of the restaurants and cafes offer special breakfast (around 09:00-11:30) and lunch menus (12:00-16:00) at very reasonable prices.
After midnight it might be a problem to find a place for a dinner, as most kitchens are used to close after 00:00, so generally you can count on some hot snacks.


Recommended restaurants

Russian cuisine

$ Budget bistrots, self-service cafes

Stolle Russian pies cafe is very popular among both tourists and Russians. There are several Stolle cafes in the city, and they say that Stolle serves the best pies in the city. So, don't miss a chance to drop in. 
Addresses: Nevsky 11; Konyushenny lane 1/6
Type: Russian pies

Teremok. Russian pancakes (bliny's) with different fillings, Russian soups Borsch and Ukha, Russian style porridges, famous Russian Kvas beverage. Self-service, low prices, good food. There are 49 takeaway Teremok stands throughout the city and many restaurants also (check the locations via their website)
Address: Nevsky pr. 93 (one of the restaurants)  
Type: Russian fast food

$$ Mid-range restaurants

Dachniki. Old television, old fridge, samovar and many other little things which Soviet people kept in their apartments or dachas (country houses) are ideally fit into cafe interios and fill it with a special atmosphere. In addition, good inexpensive Russian food is served in Dachniki. Attention, it's very popular in the evenings and may be overcrowded!
Address: Nevsky prospect 20
Type: Russian cuisine

$$$ Upscale restaurants

Russkaya Rumochnaya #1 (Russian Vodka room #1). Popular among the city guests, this restaurant is located not far from St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Palace Square. The excellent Russian food is served here; try famous Russian pelmeni (dumplings) and Russian-style bliny's (pancakes) with caviar! And, certainly, a plenty of vodka varieties are in place, if you decide to taste it. Russian vodka museum is located in the same building.
Address: Konnogvardeyiski boulevard 4
Type: Russian cuisine

Teplo. One of the best dining options ins St. Petersburg, Russia. Teplo means "Warmth" in Russian, and the service is really warm and friendly. The restaurant serves authentic Russian food, and it is a tiny place so a reservation would be a good idea. 
Address: Voznesensky Prospect 6
Type: Russian cuisine

Gogol. Named after famous Russian writer of XIX, the restaurant recreates the atmosphere of that times. Cordial welcome, perfest service, delicate dishes - the restaurant is definitely recommended to visit when in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Type: Russian cuisine

Podvorie. Popular russian-style suburban restaurant. Even Russian President likes to visit it! Don't miss it when visiting Pushkin or Pavlovsk and try traditional Russian cuisine, it is really the top Russian Restaurant!
Address: 16 Filtrovskoe Shosse, Pavlovsk
Type: Russian cuisine


 More restaurants

 $ Budget Bistrots, self-service

Bushe is a chain of nice bakeries located throughout the city. A great place for breakfast or quick lunch with its variety of inexpensive baked goods.
Address: Malaya Morskaya str. 7
Type: Bakery

Zoom. Very cozy annd popular cafe with good food, friendly service and budget prices.
Address: Gorokhovaya str. 22
Type: Mixed

$$ Mid-range restaurants

Gosti. Cozy restaurant with mixed cuisine. Many sweet little things in the interior create nice home atmosphere. Excellent and friendly service, perfect food and delicious home-made desserts.
Address: Malaya Morskaya str. 13
Type: Mixed cuisine

Adzhabsandal. Recenly opened and located from teh touristic route, Adzhabsandal is though very popular among its inveterate visitors. Friendly caucasian service, fresh flowers on each table, live music on weekends and the most important - excellent food. Try famous Caucasian Khachapuri, and you'll like to return! Definitely worth a visit.
Address: Belinskogo str. 6
Type: Caucasian cuisine

Tres Amigos. Located on famous for its restaurants rubinsteina street, Tres Amigos is very popular! Delicios Mexican food, excellent Margharita cocktail, atmosphere of fun and light-heartedness, Tres Amigos might be overbooked even on working days!
Address: Rubinsteina str. 25
Type: Mexcian cuisine 


 Vegetarian restaurants

$$ Mid-range restaurants

Ukrop. Recently opened Ukrop restaurant is already considered to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. Friendly staff (all vegetarians!), delicious vegetarian meals at any taste and a great variety of perfect home-made vegeatian desserts! Definitely worth a visit if you're vegetarian.
Address: Marata str. 23
Tyoe: Vegetarian

Address: -
Tyoe: Vegetarian

Address: -
Tyoe: Vegetarian

$$$ Upscale restaurants

Idiot. The restaurant is situated in the historical part of Saint-Petersburg, between St. Isaic square and the Yusupov palace. Perfect choice of traditional russian vegeterian food, fish and seafood.
Address: Moyka emb. 82
Tyoe: Vegetarian

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