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St. Petersburg, Russia
Tours and Excursions

St. Petersburg Tour Guides and Drivers

Our travel agency works only with the proficient, qualified, and friendly St. Petersburg tour guides and drivers; all guides have graduated in Arts or Russian History, and all drivers are greatly experienced and skilled. You will find our team members knowledgeable, friendly, and polite. Your trip will surely turn to a unforgettable historic journey, full of exciting stories and stunning views.

We work only with the short list of the best St. Petersburg guides and drivers, unlike other agencies, that would just hire some freelance guide who offers the best price. Some of them you will find below:

Our guides

Natalia (English)
I think I chose to become a guide because of two things: I love this city and I love to communicate with people.
I'm an out-going person, always ready to share what I know with the city visitors. And there's so much really interesting and unique about this city! I realized how much I love it after two years I had to spend in Europe. And that's when I started reading about it and learning all those interesting facts. (I am one of those who still read books though I spend much time with my laptop, too.) Later this hobby grew into a permanent job, but it didn't stop to be my hobby. I also like to travel and learn. Learn about different cultures and exchange views. Learn through comparison. And my tourists often teach me something new, telling about the places they are from. I have a family and I'm also trying to bring my little son up, which is a very difficult but honorary task. And I'm proud of it, too.
Sofia (English)
My name is Sofia, and I am a professional tour guide to St. Petersburg with 14 years of experience. I love my beautiful city
and enjoy showing it to English-speaking visitors . I work with groups as well as individuals. I think my profession to be very interesting, I like to deal with people, it helps me to learn many interesting things about different cultures and I am always glad to share my knowledge about my country. I also like to travel and I like to take pictures of people and different interesting places.
Milena (English)
I'm Milena and i would be pleased to be your tour guide in Saint-Petersburg. Just after graduating Saint-Petersburg
University I started working as a tour guide. And I am very fond of this job. I love meeting new people, love sharing my knowledge. Every time I try to make our guests feel comfy. And my PhD in Psychology helps me a lot. Though I was born here my feelings about our
Natalia (English)
I am a certified Tour Guide and have been working for two years. Although I’m rather young I know enough to show the city and its
suburbs with interesting and amazing stories, which you cannot read in the books for travelers. I love the social side of being a tour guide, getting to meet new people is one of the best parts
Sofia (Deutch)
Liebe Gaeste! Herzlich willkommen in Sankt-Petersburg! Mein Name ist Aljona, ich wuerde mich freuen, Ihnen eine der schoensten Staedte
Europas zu zeigen. Ich bin lizensierte Reisefuehrerin mit der grossen Erfahrung. Mehr als 10 Jahre lang praesentiere ich den deutschsprachigen Gaesten meine Heimatstadt, fuehre sie durc
Maria (English, Spanish)
Once, when I was a child I went to an excursion to St.Isaak’s Cathedral and I had a copybook to do the notes with me. There was a woman
(I think she was a teacher because she had a big group of children with her)
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