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cathedral of our savior christ in moscow 

Moscow underground tour


4 hours


Our walking tour covers several centuries of Moscow's history, taking in some major landmarks. It starts with a metro trip if your hotel is not located centrally. If you live in the heart of Moscow, the tour will start with the excursion around the most famous square of Moscow – the Red square. You will Kremlin walls, Lenin’s Tomb and St. Basil’s Cathedral, a unique cathedral with a rich history. The tour proceeds to the Moskva river embankment and to The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Destroyed by Stalin in 1931, it was rebuilt in 1990 and nowadays it is the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world. Beautiful and grandiose, it is free for visiting. The next point is Arbat street. The main and, perhaps, the oldest street of Moscow, Arbat used to be as one of the most bohemian places of Moscow city through the years. Many Russian prominent people lived or to stayed here.

Pushkin's Museum-apartment, Lermontov's House-museum, Tsvetaeva's House-museum, The Vakhtangov’s Theatre are located here. Today Arbat is still one of the most popular streets in the city with many cafes, street artists and performers. At the end of the tour you will take the Moscow Metro and discover why the Moscow subway is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. Take a chance to see the most amazing metro stations of Stalin’s era – Mayakovskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Komsomolskaya.

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