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Although Russian Orthodox is the major religion in Russia, St. Petersburg is a center for many faiths.Besides Russian Orthodox, temples here represent the Lutheran, Catholic, and Baptist churches. There is also a beautiful mosque and a famous synagogue. Many of the temples were closed or destroyed during the time of Soviet rule, but in the past several years extensive restorations have been carried out, and currently no religion is restrained by the State. During the tour you will make stops at Russian Orthodox Church, the Mosque, Grand Horal Synagogue.


The Museum of History of Religion is the only institution of such kind in the country.The richest collection of the museum (18,000 exhibits) was formed owing to additions from other museums, valuables confiscated from churches and monasteries, private donations and materials of research expeditions. The collections of the museum include a large collection of Orthodox icons, including those of the 14th - 15th centuries, canvases and drawings by Russian artists, pieces of Western-European painting of the 15th - 17th centuries. A part of the funds remained in Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral. The exhibition is devoted to the beliefs of the Ancient Orient, Antiquity, Judaism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy.


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