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Yusupov Palace, St. Petersburg


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Duration: 3 hours


Days off: first Wednesday of month from Oct till Apr



The Yusupov Palace is located on a quiet stretch of the Moika River. The palace and estate took nearly 200 years to acquire its present shape with contributions from the best architectural talents of the time. Five generations of Russia's elite aristocratic and respected dynasty, the Yusupovs, owned the palace between 1830 and 1917. The palace went down in Russian history as the place where the mysterious monk Grigory Rasputin was assassinated, a Siberian peasant who became the spiritual mentor and friend of Nicholas II and the Royal Family in the early 20th century. The tragedy took place the night of December 17, 1916 in the private annex of the young Prince Felix Yusupov, now housing a historical exhibit recreating the assassination scene...  


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