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st petersburg russia

St. Petersburg, Russia
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st petersburg russia

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Church of the Savior on Blood
Get acquainted with St. Petersburg's main sights at the best price ever! Join our Daily Tours in small groups! Student discounts! If you want to see St. Petersburg with the privileged comfort, order a Private Tour. Your personal manager will prepare the program and  carefully prearrange all visits! Planning a visit to Saint-Petersburg for a few days and wish not to miss anything spectacular? Try one of our Travel Packages! All included!

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Tours in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia is one of the most stunningly beautiful cities in world. Not being ancient, aged only a bit over 300 years, the city stands in a row alongwith all European capitals. Saint-Petersburg's arcitectural ensemble is completely different from that of any other Russian city. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 during the Northern War against Sweden in the Neva river's delta, that had been Swedish territory that time, St. Petersburg was designed to be a European city rather than a Russian one from the very beginning. Emperor Peter wanted to develop archaic and non-industrial Russia of the late XXVII century to the level of the major European monarchies, and decided that great deeds require great starts. And so it was done, the new Russian capital was founded at the head of the Gulf of Finland, the location that promised trade and military advantages. Famous European architects, artists, sculptors, engineers, shipwrights, and other craftsmen were invited to forge glory for the new Russian Empire. Saint-Petersburg was growing very fast, and reached the size of other European capitals almost in a century. Marvellous palaces stretched along the granite-faced embankments of Neva and other rivers and canals; majestic cathedrals rose here and there proving the might of the reloaded Russian Empire.

St. Petersburg had been the Russian capital for over 200 years, until Moscow reclaimed that status after the October Revolution. The city had seen many dramatic political events, plots, royal overturns, revolts, and royal assasination attempts, including a successful one. Saint-Petersburg endured three revolutions, few rebellions, many wars, a dreaded 3 years of exhaustive siege during the Second World War; but it is the only European capital that had never yielded to enemy forces. The city is often called "Northern Venice" for the number of canals and rivers flowing through it. St. Petersburg is crossed by 342 bridges! Many world-famous great artists, scientists, and engineers were born or lived and worked here. There's much to see and much to learn of in Saint-Petersburg.

Today St. Petersburg, Russia is one of the most visited cities in the world. Many people arrive here with Baltic Cruises, making a 2-day stop to enjoy the beauties of St. Petersburg; others arrive by plane through the air gates of St. Petersburg, the Pulkovo airport. Every guest of our city, especially if he or she visits it for the first time, wishes to see all major St. Petersburg Landmarks and places of interest. It is not an easy task, because there are so many of them far away one from another, that it would take weeks to visit them all. So it is common to use travel agency's services: for a small fare your trip would be organized, swift, and pleasant. Our travel agency offers its services in arranging Tours in St. Petersburg, Russia: we would be glad to suggest you different options and help creating a program of St. Petersburg Tours that would suit you perfectly! You may choose our daily Tours in St. Petersburg for maximum economy, or order Private St. Petersburg Tours to get privileged comfort; or order our St. Petersburg Travel Package, and we will arrange your whole trip from the very beginning! Also, we have special St. Petersburg Shore Excursion programs for Baltic Cruise passengers. If you wish to make your visit to St. Petersburg, Russia unforgettable, do not hesitate to contact us - we will give you an expert advice and best price!

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