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Duration: 8 hours

Staraya (Old) Ladoga is a village, located on the Volkhov River near Lake Ladoga, 8 km to the north of the town of Volkhov. The village used to be a prosperous trading outpost in the 8th and 9th centuries. It is one of the oldest towns in Russia, first mention about it dates 862 AC. A multi-ethnic settlement, it was dominated by Scandinavians who were called by the name of Rus and for that reason is sometimes called the first capital of Russia. Sights. The heart of Staraya Ladoga is an old fortress where the Yelena River flows into the Volkhov River. In earlier times, it was a strategic site because it was the only possible harbour for sea-vessels that could not navigate through the Volkhov River. Apart from the churches mentioned above, there is a mid-12th century church of St. Climent, which stands in ruins. There is also a monastery, dedicated to St. Nicholas and constructed mainly in the 17th century.


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