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Visit to the Synagogue and to the Jewish Community Center

Duration: 3 hours

Days off: Saturday

The history of St. Petersburg Jewish community keeps its official count since 1802, when the first record in the community book "pinchas" was made. During the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century a small community of Jews turned into a rich, prosperous and powerful community, which influenced all the processes related to the life of Russian Jews and actually formed the spiritual and religious life of the country's Jewry. By the end of the 19th century St.Petersburg became one of the biggest world centers of Jewish life. The International Jewish organizations were created, and congresses of Zionists were held hereA number of St.-Petersburg Jews became world famous artists, musicians, literary figures. Many pages in history of Jewish Chassidic movement "Habad" are connected to St.-Petersburg. Jewish Heritage tour will show tourists the city's sites connected with Jewish past and present in St.-Petersburg: The Synagogue complex which includes Grand Choral Synagogue, Small Synagogue, kosher restaurant "Le'chaim", kosher store and Mikvah, Jewish cemetery.


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