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 We are eager to offer our All-Inclusive Group Shore Excursions in St. Petersburg, Russia for Baltic Cruise Passengers:


Discover St. Petersburg

$305 per person

St. Petersburg is a true pearl of the Baltic cruises. During our tour you will visit the most famous landmarks and museums of St. Petersburg, learn a lot about mysterious Russian history and its rich culture, get familiar with Russian traditions and customs, and try local Russian food like borsch and bliny!

Be sure, the warm memories of St. Petersburg visit will last forever!

Small groups of maximum 6 persons - NO QUEUES!



Experience St. Petersburg

$425 per person

During this intensive tour you'll have a chance to enjoy all the beauty of St. Petersburg. The city is known as one of the most beautiful in the world, and possesses multiple unique landmarks. So we put the most magnificent venues in our tour! You will explore the great collections of the Hermitage, known as one of the largest museums in the world, visit famous summer residences of the Russian emperors in Pushkin and Peterhof, learn some mysterious facts about Rasputin, visit local market, try famous Russian borsch and do many other amazing things!

Small groups of maximum 6 persons  - NO QUEUES!



ATTN! Our group tours are arranged for certain cruise ships only. Please, find your ship in the list before making an order. Thank you!


Important information for Cruise Passengers:

Before the reservation is made

St. Petersburg is a true pearl of the Baltic cruise and we are sure you look forward to this visit more than ever. So, please, let us help you with the planning.
First of all, you should decide whether you'd like to book a group or a private tour. The benefits of the group tour are its all-inclusive program (you won't have to worry about lunches or where to buy a bottle of water on the tour), low price and an opportunity to enjoy the tour with the other passengers from your ship which might be fun and interesting.
But! You should remember that the group tour itinerary is fixed.

If you prefer to be more flexible on the tour and have an opportunity of making slight changes to your itinerary, we advise you to book a private individual tour for your party only. You'll get a unique chance to compose your own, custom tour and our professional and friendly staff will be happy to help you. 

During the reservation

Once the choice is made and the itinerary is approved, it's time to book the tour.
We'll ask you to send us your personal details to provide you with a tour ticket which will be your actual permit to pass the Russian Immigration control. We'll need your
- full name as given in passport
- date of birth
- nationality
- passport number
- its expiration date
After getting the necessary information, we'll issue your personal tour tickets and send them to you by e-mail. You will have to print out the tour tickets, and take them with you. 

Payment. We accept payment by a credit card (VISA / Mater Card) which is to be made in advance. 

Upon arrival to St. Petersburg


Disembarkation on the first day of your arrival might take more time than you  expected so, please, be ready. If your tour starts in the early morning, please, get up early and try to be among the first to leave the ship and not to be late to start the tour.  If you've booked a relaxed tour and it starts later, you'll pass the Customs much faster as the but also, please, try to be in time.

To pass the Immigration control you will need to show:

- Your personal tour ticket
- Your valid passport
- An immigration card which you will get on the cruise ship or in the arrival terminal in St. Petersburg. 

ATTN! Please, make a copy of your passport and keep it with you during 2 days you are in St. Petersburg. Keep your passport and its copy in a safe place, but do not keep them together. Losing your passport is the worst that can happen with you in Russia as the process of its renewal is very long and expensive. S0, please, watch your passport especially when you are on a metro trip, or on a walking tour as there are many pickpockets in the crowdy places during the high season.

After the Immigration Control booths, please, find our guide holding a signboard with our company's  name on it if you've booked a group tour or with your name if you booked a private tour.

For emergency calls, please, reach us at +7 967 513 26 80


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