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* From May till Septermber 2016
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  • 2-night stay in Moscow central hotel
  • 4-night stay in St. Petersburg central hotel
  • Luxury Grand Express overnight train to St. Petersburg (2nd class compartment)
  • Breakfasts on each day except on the first arrival day
  • All airport and train station transfers
  • Transportation service for sightseeing tours (as per itinerary)
  • Highly-experienced English-speaking guide in both cities
  • Prearranged entrances to all major landmarks (as per itinerary)
  • Visa support letter
  • All taxes


3*** Standard Tour Package

Standard Tour package includes stay in well-known Ibis Paveletskaya Hotel in Moscow, recently opened hotel located withing the walking distance from the subway station with easy access to the Kremlin and Red Square, and Nevsky Grand Hotel in St. Petersburg, located in the very centre of St. Petersburg, close to the Nevsky prospect, Palace Square and Spilt Blood Cathedral.

Price is given in 
USD per person 
per tour package
Low Season
Shoulder Season
High Season

Standard 3*** Package 1525 1340 1595 1385 1755 1430



4**** Superior Tour Package

Superior Tour Package includes stay in Katerina City hotel in Moscow and Petro Palace Hotel in St. Petersburg.

Price is given in 
USD per person 
per tour package
Low Season
Shoulder Season
High Season

Superior 4**** Package 1730 1445 1880 1590 2420 1800

Tour itinerary


Day 1 - Saturday - Moscow 

Airport arrival transfer to the hotel

Day 2 - Sunday - Moscow 

Moscow City Centre Walking Tour. A guided walking tour around major cultural and historical venues in Moscow. You will walk pass one of the famous “Seven Sisters” skyscrapers built during Stalin's last years and initially thought as elite housing, visit Lubyanka square the world-famous KGB centre of the Soviet epoch, Teatralnaya Square next to Bolshoi Theatre. The tour continues through the small central streets and lanes where every building has its own unique story. Most of them currently represent Russian theatres, hotels, museums or state institutions. You will visit Tverskaya Street – the main and the busiest street in Moscow – with its shops and restaurants. The tour finishes on the famous pedestrian Old Arbat Street. You will have some free time after the walking tour.

Red Square Guided Tour. Red Square got its name from the Russian word for "red", which many centuries ago meant "beautiful". Each building here is a legend: beautiful St. Basil's cathedral, the world - renowned Lenin Mausoleum, popular GUM department store, Kazan Cathedral and Kremlin towers. During the Soviet period the Red Square used to be associated with images of stone-faced communist party leaders standing in the cold atop Lenin's Mausoleum and watching military parades. Today, Red Square is a popular tourist attraction and it is often used for rock and pop concerts.

Lenin’s Tomb and Burial Places of Prominent Soviet Figures Tour (closed till 01/04/2013). Granite Lenin’s Tomb was designed by Alexei Shchusev in 1924, during a period in which the strength of the Russian Avant-Garde had not yet been decimated by Stalin's enforced return to heroic realism and conservative classicism. You will also visit the Kremlin Wall Necropolis which is entered on both sides of Lenin's Tomb where many prominent Soviet politicians, military leaders, cosmonauts and scientists are buried.
St. Basil’s Cathedral Tour. St. Basil’s Cathedrals on the Red Square is known as a symbol of Moscow and impresses with its colours and shapes. Its montage of domes, cupolas, arches, towers, and spires, each bearing a distinctive pattern and hue, have fascinated visitors since its construction in the 1550s. Although St. Basil's was built to commemorate Ivan the Terrible's capture of the Mongol stronghold of Kazan and is properly named the Cathedral of the Intercession, its popular name has long associated it with a ragged prophet who foretold the Moscow fire of 1547.
Moscow Underground Tour. During the tour you will explore one of the masterpieces of the Soviet era created in the Socialist Realism style. Moscow Metro with its stations decorated with marble, mosaics, stained glass panels and bronze sculptures looks like a vast art museum. It was one of the proudest achievements of the Soviet era and it’s still beating many other European underground system with its extremely reliable services.
Tretiakov Gallery Tour. The Tretiakov Gallery possesses the biggest collection of Russian fine art in the world. It was assembled in the middle of the nineteenth century by Pavel Tretiakov, a wealthy Moscow merchant whose passion for collecting included violins, birds, and milk cows as well as Russian art. The museum represents the whole history of Russian art from the ancient period until now. There are more than 130 000 unique examples of painting, sculpture and graphics, created throughout the centuries by talented Russian artists.


Day 3 - Monday - Moscow

Kremlin Grounds and Cathedrals Tour. You will discover the interior of the Kremlin - the former residence of the Tsars and now the residence of the Russian president. You will also visit the Kremlin’s beautiful orthodox cathedrals. The Cathedral Square still retains the aura of early Tsarist Russia, where the spirits of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, and the early Romanovs loom large.

The Armoury Museum and Tsar Treasures. The fist mentioning of Armoury recorded in 1508 and it started to function as the storehouse for the Kremlin weaponry. However, within a few decades the structure had gained the added function of a workshop and a repository for all sorts of treasures of the Imperial court. In 1813 the Armoury building became an exhibition hall and a museum. The collection of the Armoury is overwhelming. It contains such exhibits as the chalice of Yuri Dolgorukiy, the helm and armour of Boris Godunov, collection of over fifty Faberge eggs, golden and silver works of applied art by Russian, European and Oriental masters, invaluable weapons and other works made of precious metals and stones.

Transfer to the railway station

Grand Express luxurious overnight train

Day 4 - Tuesday - St. Petersburg

Train arrival transfer to the hotel
Our guide will meet you at the beginning of the platform
Breakfast at a local cafe

St. Petersburg Panoramic City Tour. Enjoy the magic atmosphere of the city and find out a lot of interesting facts about its history and culture. During the city tour you will see a lot of world-famous sights: Spilt on the Blood Cathedral, St. Isaac Cathedral, Palace Square and the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, Aurora battle cruiser.
The route goes across Nevsky prospect to the Palace Square, then to the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island and Hare Island. You will make stops at Spilt Blood Cathedral and St. Isaac Cathedral.

Day 5 - Wednesday - St. Petersburg

Yusupov Palace Tour. The Yusupov Palace was once a primary residence of the Yusupov family, an immensely wealthy family of Russian nobles. The Palace is famous for its marvelous and luxury interiors. There are many art works, sculptures and jewelry kept in the palace. The Yusupov palace theatre was very famous among the nobles in the beginning of XX. Besides that, the palace is known as a place where Grigory Rasputin was killed. 


Day 6 - Thursday - St. Petersburg

Tour to the Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace. One of the largest and oldest museums of the world, the Hermitage was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and open to the public in 1852. Nowadays the collection of the Hermitage museum includes more than three million works of art and artifacts of the world culture. During thetour you will visit the splendid Gala Rooms of the Winter Palace You will see famous collection of Western-European Art which includes works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Raphael.


Day 7 - Friday - St. Petersburg

Tour to Grand Palace and Fountain Park in Peterhof

Guided visit to one of the major architectural treasures of the Royal St. Petersburg - the brilliant ensemble of Peterhof located 30 km south of the city. You will spend a pleasant day visiting the glorious Grand Palace, a Baroque masterpiece of the Italian architecture Bartolomeo Rastrelli, and enjoying unique Fountain park of Peterhof with its numerous fountains and statues.


Day 8 - Saturday - St. Petersburg

Airport departure transfer from the hotel


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