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Around the city


If you want to get impressed by Saint-Petersburg without missing any little aspect of all its splendour, you must order several of our around-the-city tours! You will enjoy the sights of Saint-Petersburg in its real appearance. These tours include the main places of interest of the Northern Capital of Russia.




Palaces and parks


 Saint-Petersburg possesses one of greatest park ensembles in the world. The magnificent country residences of Russian emperors and empresses haven't lost a part of the past glory. The famous Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, and Gatchina are waiting for you!






 "The Cultural Capital" is another well-known name of Saint-Petersburg. In fact, a huge number of museums, temples and cathedrals of various religions, theatres, operas and other cutural places can be found here. We will gladly guide you through! 





Politics and history


 One can not imagine anyone going to Saint-Petersburg not being interested in Russian politics and history. If you want to know more about thrilling and dramatic chapters of Russian political, military, and naval history, order theme private tours in Saint-Petersburg!







Russia is famous for its hospitality and century-long traditions concerning the way of life. We will organize tours to get you familiar with Russian traditional heritage of craftsmanship, folklore, arts, and cuisine. You can even participate in traditional crafting on masterclasses!






If you have enough time, you can visit one of the towns next to Saint-Petersburg. Every one of them, undoubtedly, is worth it. Some of them, like Old Ladoga, Velikiy Novgorod or Pskov are about 1000 years old, and posess a unique atmosphere of an ancient city. We will pick you up in the morning and get you back in the evening during these full-day trips to Russian medieval cities.






Looking for something special? We are glad to offer you exclusive, extraordinary tours. You will get unforgettable impressions for a long time! These tours give you a chance to see Saint-Petersburg from another point of view. Don't miss it!






Saint-Petersburg's nature and geography is most commonly associated with the river Neva, the Gulf of Finland, and the Ladoga lake.Ladoga is the largest freshwater lake in Europe, and it is extremely rich with fish and nature beauties, being a haven for a fisherman. Get familiar with Russian nature with our theme trips!



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